Thursday, 23rd October 2014

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Bolshoi ballerina is captivated by dancing figures

Published: October-23-2014 | Category: General News

A BALLERINA from the world famous Bolshoi Ballet Company enjoyed a visit to Newcastle last week.   ...

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Walking trail and bike course planned for Tipperary Woods


TIPPERARY Woods could see the addition of a new walking trail and a bike track if plans drawn up by a recreation group come to fruition.   ...

Vandals target new play park


LOCAL politicians have condemned vandalism to the new play park at Bunkers Hill wood in Castlewellan.   ...

Bye-law prohibits ball games in public square


DOWN District Council is to introduce a new bye-law which will prohibit ball games in the Lower and Upper Squares of Castlewellan.   ...

The final countdown is on to 'Fright Night'


IT'S only a matter of days before two of our local councillors step into the boxing ring for the much-anticipated big fight.   ...

New council wants to hear residents' views


LOCAL people are being asked for their views on a range of issues related to the new council.   ...

Newcastle urged to lease Newcastle foreshore


TALKS will take place later today which will decide whether or not the local council is to take responsibility for another section of Newcastle beach.   ...

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Spain, with over 250 excellently maintained Golf Courses throughout the mainland and the Canary Isla...
The British Open, or “The Open Championship” because it is called officially, would be the earliest ...


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