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Plans for social housing development in Dundrum raises concern

Published: January-29-2015 | Category: General News

A DUNDRUM resident has expressed concerns about the plans for a social housing development on Main Street in the village.   ...

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Lough Park project is finally approved


AMBITIOUS plans to develop Lough Park in Ballynahinch have finally been given the go ahead.   ...

Bikers' club gears up for new members


A NEWCASTLE-based motorcycling club has launched an appeal for new members.   ...

First lifeboat call-out for Newcastle father and son


SITTING down to breakfast last Wednesday morning a local father and son were unaware that, within minutes, they would be asked to race to help a stricken fishing boat.   ...

GAA president officially opens cultural centre in Annalong


A CULTURAL centre in Annalong was officially opened last week by the president of the GAA, Liam O'Neill.   ...

International Rose of Tralee pays visit to South Down


THE 56th International Rose of Tralee, Maria Walsh, visited South Down last Friday.   ...

Ian's Mazda MX-5 Bluebird soars high in competitions


BLUEBIRDS are much admired for their beautiful, brilliant royal blue colour.   ...

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